How a spam filter works

Photo by dok1
Photo by dok1

Spam filters can have point values that they put on specific words or expressions that are found in spam messages. They may assign points and when these points reach a certain number then the message is considered as spam and is filtered from your inbox. Filters also check whether they can tell when a header has been adjusted to hide where the email is coming from. Numerous spam mailers can parody other email services to look like they are legitimate.

Some of the words that spam filters search for are most likely the ones you associate with spam. Phrases that urge you to act now or lets you know that an offer will end soon are red flagged. Even things like many exclamation marks and writing in capital letters means an email can be considered as spam. Keep this in mind that when composing your own messages. Links and emails that are only a large graphic can be flagged.

When we look at emails, we can straight away differentiate between spam mail and genuine mail without needing to open the message. To a computer, however, every one of the messages that you get looks pretty much the same so it is important to filter through emails from individuals who are on your contact list or from individuals who are attempting contact you.

Numerous spammers realise that spam filters work by sifting through words that have been blacklisted or that refer to normal goods and services. Due to this many spammers attempt and get around spam filters by using wrong spelling, using letters in place of words or inappropriate spacing. It is because of this that when you are getting a spam filter you need to get the best one for your individual needs.

Casino bonus offers filtering

Spam emails that advertise the most recent online casino or casino bonuses are very popular and the Internet gambling scene is one of the most productively exploited commercial ventures. Online casino spam messages will offer a wide range of luring offers, for example, “triple bonus action” or different offers that are too good to be true. If you are a keen gambler however, you need to be able to filter out the legitimate bonus offers from the fake ones. The legitimate ones shouldn’t go into the spam folder since this might mean you miss out on a good bonus offer.

The best way of ensuring that the bonus offer goes straight into your inbox would be to create a filter for all the casinos you gamble at. Emails coming from them can be automatically forwarded to a particular folder, gathering all your offers in one place.

Casino spam emails will link you to malicious gambling sites. These are usually recently created and it is important to understand that they are not controlled. This means that the software is rigged to make you lose, and most commonly, they contain viruses that can contaminate your computer. It is also annoying to receive emails even from legitimate casinos if you do not have an account with them.


Statistics about email usage

It is surprising that most people do not know that the amount of time they spend going through their emails on a daily basis for a whole week is enough to watch a complete series. According to surveys and studies, most people spend 28% of their workweeks reading, writing and responding to emails. This is a translation of sending about 650 hours annually on email related activities. On average, every worker spends 13 hours every week attending to emails. This is a lot of time that could have been used for other productive business activities. Unfortunately, even as workers spend this much time, there is little or no communication.

To improve communication at workplaces and reduce email usage at least by 25% social technologies may be the best alternative. Unlike in the 90s where email communication was the in thing, technological advancements especially due to social media growth has turned emailing into a rather draining. The fact that you are expected to respond to emails within a few hours rather than concentrate on the most important non-email tasks, which are more important is what makes this even more challenging. It is possible to improve your email time expenditure, boost productivity and maintain email sanity in a few simple ways that Lenvov, the VP of Sane Box suggest.

Handling your inbox

Remember that email is like a game of trellis that you can never emerge a winner from no matter how good you are. Accepting this fact gives you a better chance as you will equip yourself with the best techniques for handling your inbox better. However, never expect to have an empty inbox because as soon as you clear it you will end up with several hundreds more.

Never prioritize emails over other important tasks. This commandment will come naturally once you understand that you can never win with email management. As much as email is a priority, it should not be top on your list. You can make use of tools such as inbox virtuoso to scan and know the most important emails at the start of your day then close the inbox to avoid distractions. Once you are done with the more pressing tasks, dedicate a specific time to sort, respond and delete emails according to their importance.

Remember that not all emails are created equal. Train your mind to discern the most important emails and disregard the not so important ones. This will reduce the stress levels and increase the chances of being more productive at work.