Free Email Spamfilters

Getting free email spamfilters is a must for all of us. Nowadays, it is impossible to open your email without seeing multiple spam messages from people or businesses that you never encountered before. A spam or junk email is simply something sent to you without proper authorization. It is usually a part of a bulk mail sent for commercial and marketing purposes. Although the messages seem harmless, you should not put your guard down. Some of these emails carry malware that can destroy your computer and access confidential information.

Of course, getting all these emails can be frustrating because they have the tendency to bury the important emails that require your attention. While emails can usually recognize the spam emails, it can sometimes be too overwhelming. This is why it is important for you to look for email spamfilters. These programmes will specifically take care of the huge task of deleting these unwanted messages. Not only that, it will also help parents manage the emails coming in – making sure their kids will not open emails with questionable content.

What are the different free spamfilters

While having a spam filter is great, we all want one that comes for free. Here are a couple of free email spamfilters that you can opt for.

MailWasher Free

This is one of the best free spam filters for emails. It gets rid of unwanted emails, viruses, and even those with large attachments. If an email is questionable, it will be flagged so you can check it out before deleting. This is one of the programs that are both effective and easy to use. Since it is free, you have to make do the basic and limited features. The paid version has advanced features that include access to multiple accounts, etc.

SPAMfighter Standard

This is a spam-filtering system that is network-based. It relies on what worldwide users classify as a spam mail. This means the filtering should improve over time. The free version of this programme is only intended for private or educational use. When a spam is identified, it is deleted from the inbox and moved to a spam mail folder. It will start working on incoming spam as soon as it is installed. This is only compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird.


This is one of the email spam filters that has a challenge-response system that is built into the system. It basically works like MailWasher – getting rid of spam emails and any email with suspected viruses or huge attachments. One thing that you might want to recognise is the fact that the original developer no longer supports this.

If your need for email spamfilters is not great, then these free versions should serve your purpose well. However, if you need more security and a well-managed email account, you might want to invest in a paid version. It will benefit you more since the paid ones have more advanced features.